Time has come for the ultimate Dance Off! ‘The Scottish Country Dance Club’ VERSUS the ‘Crazy Rebels 34’ Club.Danse Ecossaise Montpellier

On Thursday 20th February at 19h two dance groups will be competing against each other at the French American Center.

Who wins?

It’s you who decides!

Who are these two groups?

Marion Rondot-Hay, Director of ‘The Scottish Country Dance Club’ came directly from Scotland to Hérault in 1981 and founded her very own Scottish dance group in order to promote her culture and gives classes of different levels around Montpellier.

The ‘Crazy Rebels 34’, in contrast, promote country and line dance in Montpellier. Established in 2006, the ‘Crazy Rebels 34’ teach American country and line dance over 3 levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced level. The association organizes a ‘Country Ball’ every month to apply all choreographies learnt in classes. And all of that in Cowboy hats!

Whether you’re a dancer or not, join us at the French American Center and experience something fantastic from these two great cultures and dances!

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