The French American Centre has been a staple for cultural events and experiences for the last 30 years. Since 1991 the French American centre has hosted a myriad of cultural exchanges and events in Montpellier. The French American Center is celebrating 30 years of events & cultural experiences provided in Montpellier and abroad!

Each year adults and children are invited to attend events such as language exchange tea parties, Halloween parties for families, Thanksgiving dinners and art exhibits by local anglophones. In addition to the mix of cultural events throughout the year, the centre has been the point of contact for cultural and language exchange programs. Exchange programs such as Au Pair in America, and Camp America are essential organizations that allow young learners to travel and experience cultures and languages abroad.

French American Center of Montpellier

The centre takes great pride in allowing learners from around the country to travel and experience new a language, culture, friendships, families and countless memories. 

Why is it so important to engage in these programs and take advantage of a new cultural experience?

When learners are able to explore a new culture and language, barriers are released and challenges can be faced through trial and error. The process of language learning is a vital experience. Language allows us to understand each other more as well as ourselves. When engaging with new cultures and new friends, we create long lasting memories.

Cultural awareness is a key factor in our growth as human beings, allowing us to create stronger relationships, make wiser decisions and increase our communication skills. Not only do we improve our own language and cultural skills, but we build relationships and bonds with others who will then be in our lives forever.

The more open we are to new experiences and cultures, the more we can explore new challenges.

Happy Birthday French American Center 

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