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Even though each culture around the world is unique, there are a few things I have noticed in my travels that are consistent throughout. First of all being laughter and a sense of humor. It may sound odd, but upon returning to the United States, everyone asked me if the sense of humor was the same in France as it was in USA. And of course it is, everyone loves to laugh. I know its one of my favorite things. I have a tendency to instantaneously cry whenever I laugh really hard.

And it was once in France, that someone once told me that that trait of mine was very endearing, which is something I will never forget. Anyways, laughter is one of those things, along with language, that enhances human connection. Another one of those things is music. Music is filled with emotion, soul, and life — just as humans are. I have a playlist of all the music I listened to and downloaded on my ipod while I was in France.



Music has a tendency to bring back memories, moments, and emotions. When I listen to some of the songs on my “Montpellier” playlist, my stomach and heart do loops. I often just stop in what I am doing when one of those songs comes on, and reflect. Time can even seem to stand still. It is so amazing to me how powerful music really is. Music comes builds motivation and support in certain situations — just as humans do.

Music, no matter when or where, is therapeutic and just feels so good to the heart and soul. Music can connect to people on all levels, especially when the spoken language is not shared throughout. This I know all too welI. I was in Mexico last week and I speak barely any Spanish, but when the music came on, everyone shared the same idea and I was able to dance with people from all over the world.  Music is in fact a language in itself.

My most recent music obsession is a new upcoming couple of young men that I am seeing in concert this Saturday! I want to share them with you because I am sure a lot of you will enjoy their style! They are so talented and their music is addicting, and has been such a hit in the USA lately!

In an attempt to be like an American you should look them up on youtube: Timeflies Tuesday, or just click the link below!

Hope you enjoy!

Xo Maria

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