Once upon a time I used to give English lessons and participate in various activities at the French American Center.  I still keep in regular contact with the association and many of the interesting people that I have met through it.  It was necessary to make way for the ever more charming, beautiful, inspirational, highly motivated and dynamic young staff that push language learning to dizzying new heights.

Montpellier Market

Alas, my hair plugs began to fall out and my buttocks implants began to sag, so I bid farewell to those heady days and took up my interests puttering around the garden with pots of tea.  Amongst the tea consumption and leaf inspecting I still find the time to type up my idle thoughts on things about Montpellier living, wine, food, travel, language learning and more.

You can follow these ramblings on this site if you have any interest in any of the previously mentioned or check out my blog.

Brad Jeffrey

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